a duvet, with an integral cover; that can be washed as a complete unit, omitting the need for an external cover

Frequently asked questions

Does a nuvet need a cover?

No, it doesn’t. You can put the complete thing in the machine, dry it and put it back on the bed without a cover.

What sizes does the nuvet come in?

Initially, we are only doing standard single size (135cm x 200cm) but we are working on expanding outwards, to be able to make larger ones too.

Will it go in my washing machine?

When I first started this journey, I only had a 5kg machine and so I have done all my product development around that. I now have an 8kg drum (which is the most popular size sold in the UK) and so, even with a small machine, you won’t have any problems.

Will it be warm?

The nuvet is 6.2 togs, which is bang in the middle of the recommended guidelines for bedding for children. Due to its Climashield filling, it will regulate your body temperature and so, in testing, there were no comments of being either too hot, or too cold. It will keep you at the perfect temperature.

Climashield filling with the softness and warmth of down but with the hypoallergenic and durability advantages of continuous filament insulation, even after repeated use and laundering, will maintain its original integrity. (Shhh…As used by the US military in their sleeping bags “wink”)

It is like an eiderdown/comforter/duvet?

It is all of those things – and none! You can use a sheet under (in the American style) if you see fit, but it doesn’t need it. You can put a cover on, but it doesn’t need itThere is no need to ever change a duvet cover again. Inspired by sleeping bags, we wanted to eliminate duvet covers forever. Made from the finest 200 thread count Egyptian Cotton with a soft, casual stonewashed finish, it is made in Milan and feels lovely to touch.

How does it work so well?

The filling is a trademarked specialist filling, more often used in the outdoor/mountain wear sleeping bag arena and it is well known in that industry to aim for warmth without weight. Much research and development is done to make fillings that are of much higher quality than is used in most polyester-filled duvets.

Who can use it?

My testers range from 7 up to 81! It is for anyone who likes a single duvet. It is great

for youngsters who are often reluctant to change their beds and it has also proven to be great for my mum (71) who no longer has the height or the arm strength to change a cover. Personally, my husband and I use one each as we both like the freedom a single duvet brings – and making the bed in the morning is no longer a chore!