Inventor of the nuvet, a retired interior designer, who always has guests to stay – hence the need for the nuvet! Researched over a 3 year period, I have a very clear idea in my mind as to how the finished product should be…and I have made it, finally


My lovely husband, prototype tester, listener and all round good egg.


Dad was my sounding board throughout as he has a skill for thinking completely in a different direction to me, often testing my set ideas with new ways of doing things.


Our youngest son’s lovely girlfriend who has, not only built this site, but helped all ways round – not least, the creator of the fab illustrations we have.  


My Mum has been my No.1 supporter from the beginning. Mum had one of the early prototypes and has loved it and watched me develop it over the time. She has listened and discussed it with me for many hours!


Our eldest son and amazing photographer who traipsed through the bluebell woods with me on our first photoshoot, and did all the photography that you see on the site.


Ralphy is our adopted Grandad and had the very first prototype, which he uses to this day. He has walked my dogs for many hours while I have worked.

• Company Registered Name: The Nuvet Bedding Company Limited • Company Place of Registration: UK• Company Registered Address: 26 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 2HW • Company Registered Number: 9854093 • Contact: +44 (0) 7860 373 722 • Email: enquiries@thenuvet.co.uk


+44 (0) 7860 373 722

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