Caring for your nuvet is very easy. It will have wash symbols on but here is a bit more of an in depth explanation for those who like details:




It has been wash tested up to 60 degrees – the temperature at which dust mites die. And that’s ok.


However, in this day and age, with the progress in modern detergents, we recommend that you wash your nuvet in a gentle/normal 40 degree wash. As the whole bed changing process has been made so much easier by using a nuvet, you may find that you will wash it more regularly so you may not need to wash it at the old conventional temperatures.


We recommend that you put the detergent in the dispenser drawer so it doesn’t get caught in the folds of the nuvet.


It can wash in a standard size washing machine.


With regard to the spin – take it higher rather than lower, to reduce drying time





When your nuvet comes out of the machine, the filling will be dry, as it cannot hold water. The only things left to dry are the 2 outer layers of cotton.


It is best for the finished look, for it to be hung up to dry at room temperature, however, it is also very happy in the tumble dryer – and, even if it is a little creased, at least you will be happy knowing it is clean through and through.


Nothing beats the feeling of climbing into a bed with a completely fresh nuvet. – no old sweat hanging around.




You must not iron your nuvet as it will melt the specialized Climashield filling. It is 100% polyester.


You will get the best results, as mentioned above, by letting your nuvet dry naturally.

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