How easily can we change habits?

My nuvet journey has taken me into many different arenas and the most fascinating of all, has to be the psychology of bedding.

What we like - and what we THINK we like.

"I only like a heavy duvet"

"I can only sleep under a light duvet

"I like to wrap myself up in the duvet" (even if it means my wife gets no duvet!)

And do we want matching pillowcases...???

Well, having made nuvet- no I don't thank you. I have made choosing new pillowcases in to a new favourite pastime, seeing them as the accessories of the bed. An area where I can play with styles and colours without the restraints of having to match...breaking habits of old.

I have, however, made pillowcases in my range but with a slight twist...I am making plain white and grey but with lovely assorted ribbon tabs.

So, that way, you can mix and match and get creative.

Bedding needed a shake up - so let's do it!

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