Bedding needs a makeover

How fondly I remember going to stay with my lovely Nanny Russell in the East End as a child.

A big old wooden bed, made up with brushed cotton sheets (in candy coloured stripes) and the heaviest blankets and eiderdowns you could imagine.

The house was freezing and she would wake me up and rush me downstairs, where we would eat buttered toast by the fire.

Happy memories but how times have changed. And textiles.

We didn't need all that on our beds anymore and, in the 60's,

Terence Conran introduced the first continental quilt to the UK.

And that's where it has stopped. There has been no innovation since..until now. And now we have the nuvet. 

As life gets busier and quicker, our homes have to reflect that and offer solutions to time saving.

So how about we all get rid of duvet covers NOW and save ourselves time and hassle.

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